Ammonia found on Pluto: Is the dwarf planet a place suitable for life?

New findings suggest that Pluto may hold some suitable for the evolution of life. A scent of ammonia in the red ices on Pluto may be the proof of late geological activity... Read more »

Pluto Might Have A Liquid Ocean Under Its Surface, Beneath Sputnik Planitia

After some computer simulation, scientists have found that an Ocean exists under the icy crust of Sputnik Planitia, an area near the equator and around the size of Texas. The simulations made... Read more »

Pluto Gets Passed by a Reddish Snowman Looking Object

The reddish snowman we are talking about is the most distant celestial object that was ever explored, and now we have a picture of it, a close-up one, provided by a NASA... Read more »