Parkland CEO warns oil supply restrictions will hurt B.C., Alberta

CALGARY — The chief executive of Alberta-based Parkland Fuel Corp. says any measure that restricts the supply of oil to British Columbia would be detrimental to the economy of the province, as... Read more »

13 radical Kinder Morgan protesters arrested in Burnaby, B.C.

After a Supreme Court Judge granted Trans Mountain an injunction last week, radical protesters keep getting arrested. Protesters need to stay 5 meters away from any work space by Kinder Morgan or... Read more »

Kinder Morgan may never be built because we have 3 immature rookies making decisions

While thousands of workers wait to start working on the Kinder Morgan pipeline, their wallets are draining. Their wallets are draining because there’s a political battle between Alberta and British Columbia NDP... Read more »

Trump Gone Completely Silent After Urging Pipeline Makers to Buy American Steel

President Donald Trump, in his initial six months in office, often retold the story how it was him who had thought of  the idea to urge those energy companies to use American-made... Read more »

When environmentalists and politicians feud the Canadian economy takes an enormous hit

By now, everybody knows how the pipeline wars in Canada erupt. First, some ambitious pipeline company proposes transporting oil, gas or biofuels across provincial or international borders using pipelines and then the... Read more »

National Energy Board issues new approvals for Trans Mountain pipeline

CALGARY — The National Energy Board has issued three decisions for the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion approving the tunnel route through Burnaby, B.C., and allowing construction to begin on a tunnel entrance.... Read more »

Political manoeuvres over pipeline in B.C., payback or coincidence?

VICTORIA — Political hurdles in the form of delays, bans and tolls have been raised in British Columbia in the weeks since the province served notice that it would temporarily ban expanded... Read more »

Canada will do what it must to prevent B.C. from stopping pipeline, says Carr

OTTAWA — Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr says the government will not entertain any attempts by British Columbia to stall or stop the expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline. “If that is... Read more »

Former B.C. premier Christy Clark says blocking Trans Mountain is ‘illegal’

OTTAWA — British Columbia’s efforts to block the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion are illegal and will hurt all of Canada, says the former B.C. premier who originally approved the interprovincial project. The... Read more »

Why are people in Quebec buying wine from British Columbia?

One of the disadvantages – or advantages, depending on how you see it of Canadian federalism, is that it gives a lot of power to the different provinces. And with power come... Read more »