The Largest Human Maple Leaf Record Broken in Ontario

About 4000 people took part in a great even for Canada. These people took part in forming a maple leaf in a park from Trenton, Ontario. This happened on Saturday. All the... Read more »

Possibility Of Major Flooding From Ontario To New Brunswick

This Easter might prove to be a difficult one for residents from Ontario to New Brunswick. uebec Public Security Minister Genevieve Guilbault made an announcement on Friday, warning people that heavy rains... Read more »

Justin Trudeau might have to apologize for ‘racist’ comment if Faith Goldy become mayor of Toronto

Are Canadians racist? According to Justin Trudeau they are. After a fire on displaced around 1,500 people from an apartment building on 650 Parliament St. in Toronto last month, many found themselves... Read more »

Ontario government cancellation of Tesla electric vehicle rebates

Controversial tech genius Elon Musk’s disruptive car company Tesla is suing the Ontario government for removing government supported rebates on their electric cars. This occurred briefly after Musk’s impulsive twitter rant, which... Read more »

Lower Beer Tax a Better Option than Minimum Price?

Premier Doug Ford did something you can hardly expect from a liberal politician, he delivered on a key campaign trail promise. In a move that is surely designed to boost a market... Read more »

The Toronto city council reduction was just what the Canadian democracy needed

Promises made and promises kept. It was something that had the exact affect it was supposed to have, leave the Liberals that had disregarded the governance of Toronto in a complete sense... Read more »

Faith Goldy’s Mayor Campaign is Completely Sidelined by Mainstream Media

It’s been a tactic that has long served the liberal agenda well i.e. sidelining those you do not agree with. The same tactics seem to be Brainwashing Canadians on Toronto’s mayoral election... Read more »

Ford Nation’s Pro-Patient Healthcare Stance

Progressive Conservatives have campaigned to success in making Ontario a “Ford Nation”. The campaign autopsies are in full swing whereas the PC has work to do in transforming themselves from being in... Read more »

Ontario’s New Premier To Put Canada First of Trade War

Meet Doug Ford. Ford is the newly elected conservative premier of Canada’s largest providence, Ontario. Doug is not to be confused with his controversial brother, the late crack-smoking, former Toronto mayor, Robert... Read more »

“Canadian Trump” or Not, Ontario is Ready for Change

Now that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is facing the lowest approval rating of his mandate, international news outlets are starting to pay attention to Canada’s future leadership. As can be expected, American... Read more »