Ex-Gitmo prisoner didn’t know he could sue Canada until the Omar Khadr payout

Yet another ex-Gitmo prisoner is suing Canada for claims that his rights were violated in the American prison. Currently there’s no proof that the Algeria man Djamel Ameziane suffered abuse during his... Read more »

3 more men receive around $10.5 million settlement from Canadian government

Three men who were wrongfully destained and jailed in Syria received a total of $31.3 million settlement and a apology from the Canadian government. The exact dollar amount to each individual is... Read more »

The $10.5 Million connection, Joshua Boyle used to be married to Omar Khadr’s sister

Joshua Boyle, his wife and 3 children left Pakistan on Friday after being held hostage by a Taliban linked group for 5 years. 2 Pakistani officials, who requested anonymity due to security... Read more »

Omar Khadr is denied unsupervised contact with radical sister

Omar Khadr is looking for unsupervised visits with his older radical sister Khadr’s sister, Zaynab Khadr. His sister is planning to come to Canada and Omar wants unsupervised visits and conversations with... Read more »

An apology and 10 million for Omar Khadr

The Trudeau government will offer an apology and compensation of at least $ 10 million to child soldier Omar Khadr for the abuse he suffered while being imprisoned for terrorism at the... Read more »