Alberta might have to form their own Country to fix Pipeline problems

The leftist city of Vancouver got their wish today: The Trans Mountain Pipeline construction and major expansion project has now been halted indefinitely. The Federal Court of Appeals decided to shut down... Read more »

13 radical Kinder Morgan protesters arrested in Burnaby, B.C.

After a Supreme Court Judge granted Trans Mountain an injunction last week, radical protesters keep getting arrested. Protesters need to stay 5 meters away from any work space by Kinder Morgan or... Read more »

Trunidad Drilling may be going up for sale, thanks to Government policies says CEO

Calgary based drilling company Trinidad Drilling is looking at options to move their company to the US, or possibly sell the company. Drilling companies like Trinidad Drilling created thousands of jobs mostly... Read more »

Jagmeet Singh gives oilfield workers and their families the middle finger

New NDP leader Jagmeet Singh has some balls. Recently the National Observer sat down with Jagmeet Singh for a interview about oilfield jobs and the future of their careers. Singh says oilfield... Read more »