Curiosity to Find Spike in Methane on the Red Planet

NASA’s Curiosity has discovered huge amounts of methane on the Red Planet. This could actually be a sign that there is life on Mars. The fact that it has found methane is actually... Read more »

The Moon Rocket for NASA Costs More Than They Estimated Before

According to a government insider, NASA has kept secret the actual cost of its Boeing Artemis-1 moon rocket. Apparently, the project costs more than its initial budget.  NASA has admitted paying $1... Read more »

Shocking Image Of The Point Nemo Spacecraft Graveyard Revealed By NASA

NASA has unveiled a shocking image of the spacecraft graveyard where all the defunct rockets and satellites of the US space agency, along with Russian spaceships, are laying. There are hundreds of... Read more »

NASA Curiosity Rover Sent Impressive Images Of Clouds On Mars

NASA’s Curiosity rover has been hard at work in recent times, but there is always a little time to branch out. The rover identified traces of clay in the lower areas of... Read more »

NASA tests a landing system on top of a helicopter

NASA’s mission to Mars scheduled to 2020 could provide new details regarding the Red Planet and could even offer us significant data that will help create better plans for future crewed expeditions... Read more »

NASA Executive Resigns. Is the 2024 Deadline Do-Able?

In April, NASA hired someone to guide the strategy for returning astronauts to the moon by the year 2024. He has resigned, according to NASA. The man is named Mark Sirangelo. He... Read more »

NASA’s Plan for the Artemis Program it’s Granting $45.5 Million for a Private Moon Lander

NASA has big plans for the next lunar spacecraft, and it’s proposing a public-private project. NASA is granting $45.5 million to eleven U.S companies (SpaceX and Blue Origin are included) for a... Read more »

NASA Has Published the Story of the Most Distant World

Three months ago, NASA released for the public some images with the Ultima Thule, an object from the Kuiper Belt discovered by New Horizons. The Ultima Thule is the farthest world that... Read more »

NASA Warns People That Is Possible for an Asteroid to Hit Earth

Jim Bridenstine from NASA thinks that a killer asteroid hitting Earth is not something we see only in movies. On Monday, NASA has talked about the US and how it should be... Read more »

SpaceX Crew Dragon Capsules Had Problems on the Testing Procedure

SpaceX’s Crew Dragon capsule was in testing at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station on Saturday. During the test, the crew capsule had suffered an anomaly at the engines. The news was... Read more »