NASA: The Most Dangerous Glacier to Collapse Soon

The Thwaites Glacier from West Antarctica has about 182,000 square km. This is approximatively as big as Florida. The glacier was called to be the “world’s most dangerous glacier”, due to the... Read more »

NASA is back on track but the government shutdown may have long-lasting effects

The longest government shutdown in the history of the United States is finally over after a record number of 35 days. Civil servants and contractors have already returned to their jobs at... Read more »

NASA To Reveal Photos of Ultima Thule: There Are Two Objects

The year has started good for NASA, since New Horizons got closer to the most distant object that people have tried to visit, and that is a space rock that’s called Ultima... Read more »

How Long is One Day on Saturn? We Have the Answer

We’re recently found out how long is a day on Saturn. It was kind of hard to figure out, since the planet does not have a solid surface, which means there are... Read more »

Highschool Students to Send an Experiment to Space

Some Michigan high school students have made an experiment that will be conducted by astronauts at the International Space Station. The best part is that it has potential to assist in future... Read more »

NASA Astronaut Who Couldn’t Get to ISS Before Might Go on a Year Trip on ISS in March

Nick Hague and his Russian colleague Alexei Ovchinin couldn’t reach the International Space Station (ISS) in October, because of some troubles with the Soyuz-FG launch vehicle – we all know the accident.... Read more »

NASA Has Big Plans For The Next-Generation Telescopes

NASA made numerous groundbreaking discoveries during time, and its upcoming plans are bigger and bigger. This time it appears that the space agency has decided to develop telescopes as much as possible.... Read more »