NASA would agree to send to the moon in the next mission a crew formed only by women

NASA is taking into consideration the idea of sending to the moon a team formed only by women. Keep reading if you want to find all the details about it. NASA’s past... Read more »

NASA’s Map On Amazon Forest Wildfires Revealed The Real Threat To Our Planet

We are in trouble according to a NASA map which depicts the real danger the Amazon forest wildfires represents for our planet. Our further actions must be precise and quick. Brazil was... Read more »

NASA: There’s an Asteroid That’s Bigger Than the Empire State Building That Will Pass the Earth Soon

There’s a massive asteroid that’s more than twice as big as the Empire State Building that will pass the Earth in about three weeks. The asteroid is called 467317 (2000 QW7), and... Read more »

Double Asteroid Threat – Didymos Twin Asteroid Scares NASA and ESA Scientists

A possible impact of a twin asteroid with our planet scared the scientists from NASA really bad. ESA identified the asteroid Didymos as a huge potential threat to our planet. The dangerous... Read more »

NASA to Choose Two Proposals for the Small Satellite Technologies

NASA has recently announced that it has many proposals with regards to the small satellite technologies. These small satellites have the main goal to improve the observations of the deep space. They... Read more »

Nuclear Propulsion for NASA – Next Giant Leap for Humanity

The next giant leap for humanity might be possible thanks to the next-gen nuclear tech, according to NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine. National Space Council (NSC) had its sixth meeting on the 20th... Read more »

Jellyfish Star Spotted By NASA With Hubble Space Telescope And Chandra X-Ray Observatory

We know that jellyfish exist only on Earth, right back to 500 million years ago, but NASA is finding a lot of wonders these days in space. We are talking about a... Read more »

NASA’s New Administrator Angers Senators

Jim Bridenstine was selected to become the administrator at NASA in early 2018. His rise to the position was criticized because of his political background. Despite his stint in the republican party,... Read more »

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope captures amazing supernova

We have written this article to tell you about a very nice picture with a supernova captured by NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope. We’ll tell you all you need to know about it.... Read more »

Asteroid Warning: “Potential Hazardous” Asteroid Is Heading Our Direction, Days After Another Near Miss

After the asteroid 2006 QQ23 has recently passed by Earth, we are waiting for 2019 OU1 to make its approach, coming within just 639,000 miles of our planet on August 28. NASA... Read more »