Canadian Military Spending Rightfully Questioned

The ongoing tiff between United States President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has mostly been centered on NAFTA, but there are other issues that cabinet members and Members of Parliament... Read more »

Canadian Submarine is on a Surveillance Mission in the Pacific

Canadian vessel, HMCS Chicoutimi, has gone farther from home in the Pacific Ocean to aid the surveillance program to keep tabs on the rogue state of North Korea. The submarine was grounded... Read more »

Australia Wants to Increase its Defense Exports to Canada

Multiple news agencies reported last week that the Australian government is going to have a subsidy program for the country’s security equipment and ammunition industry. The objective is to move up Australia... Read more »

Military says concerns about privacy to blame for delay in sexual assault cases

The top police officer in the military has claimed that the real reason for delay in sexual assault cases are privacy concerns. This is related to a promise by the military last... Read more »