CNN Avoids Report on Farzad Fazeli Who Attempted to Stab Republican Candidate

While the media has been a bit biased during the last decade or so, we haven’t come across a case of biasness and utter disregard by a media channel that is as... Read more »

Facebook To Start Fact-Checking Memes

Memes are one of the most popular post for viral content on social media, memes on Facebook can go viral almost immediately and last for days sometimes received thousands of shares within... Read more »

Google Executives said “We Lost” the Election in Leaked Tapes Proving Conservative Bias

The leaked Google tapes from a meeting called ‘TGIF’ reveal absolute conservative bias from Google Executives. Ezra Levant from The Rebel Media pointed it out on Twitter. “This senior Google executive didn’t... Read more »

Forceful Indoctrination of Children through Leftist Transgender Dogma

Children who attend American Public Schools are no longer being taught traditional values, but are being fed leftist dogma that doesn’t make any sense. A recent case has surfaced, where it has... Read more »

Canadian Taxpayers Pay For A Trump “Impeach-O-Meter”

Have you ever heard of the Trump Impeach-O-Meter? You can find it on taxpayer funded state media, CBC Radio. Although President Donald Trump hasn’t broken any laws, the negative coverage Trump gets from... Read more »

Obama, NOT Trump caused America’s distancing from democracies abroad

The liberal media has been more than happy to portray Trump as someone who has single-handedly dug the United States into a diplomatic hole. There are constant reports coming up with new... Read more »

Trump puts Sanctions on Russia – Liberals silent

When Donald Trump made several proclamations during his campaign trail, he was ridiculed by the left claiming that he won’t be able to deliver on them considering Obama never achieved them. However,... Read more »

PM Trudeau’s 12-Day Long Vacation Has Cost Taxpayers More Than $5 Million Already – Where Is the Media?

President Trump has described the mainstream media as a source of ‘fake news’, and by the looks of it, Canadian mainstream media has begun to fall under his definition of providing bogus... Read more »