Curiosity to Find Spike in Methane on the Red Planet

NASA’s Curiosity has discovered huge amounts of methane on the Red Planet. This could actually be a sign that there is life on Mars. The fact that it has found methane is actually... Read more »

New research explains why Mars’ lightning is fainter and rarer than Earth’s

A new study stated that Mars’ lightning would be fainter and rarer than Earth’s. The research has been issued in the journal Icarus and disclosed important discoveries of Mars’ atmosphere, more precise,... Read more »

NASA Curiosity Rover Sent Impressive Images Of Clouds On Mars

NASA’s Curiosity rover has been hard at work in recent times, but there is always a little time to branch out. The rover identified traces of clay in the lower areas of... Read more »

You Can Have Your Name on Mars by February 2021

NASA wants all of us to be the witnesses of its next enterprise to Mars. Now, millions of subscribers can have their names put on silicon chips. These chips will be placed... Read more »

First Mars Simulation Base Is Now Open To Visitors in China

Many of us hope to travel to space one day, but very few will have the opportunity. However, those who dream about stepping on Mars can get the same experience right here... Read more »

The USA Wants to Get Back on the Moon by 2024. Will NASA Be Able to Do This?

The United States has wanted to go back to the Moon on numerous times. However, on Tuesday, the vice president Mike Pence had told NASA to keep up with their work. He... Read more »

You Can Now Visit Mars on Earth with Google

If you want to know more about the lives on the Red Planet, Google will allow you to see more of the Devon Island, which is also known as “Mars on Earth”,... Read more »