CNN Down by Over 41 Percent from Last Year as Ratings Plummet

For years the Left has blasted the Right for their lack of unity, but looks like things are about to change now. CNN, a far-left channel in USA, has gone further down... Read more » Grows After Conservative Bias From Tech Giants

If you read most of your news on Twitter then you probably heard of, the social network platform without a conservative bias. Gab’s Alexa ranking hit top 10,000 websites in the... Read more »

CNN Avoids Report on Farzad Fazeli Who Attempted to Stab Republican Candidate

While the media has been a bit biased during the last decade or so, we haven’t come across a case of biasness and utter disregard by a media channel that is as... Read more »

Obama Fact Checked by AP for Not Always Telling the True Story

Anyone who has known the Democrats and their politics for long enough would agree that Obama is the perfect example of what you would expect a Democrat to be. Known for adding... Read more »

Joe Scarborough Caused Many People To #WalkAway

MSNBC’s Host of “Morning Joe” Joe Scarborough, caused many people to use the #walkaway hashtag on Twitter. Scarborough wrote an article attacking President Donald Trump using the title “Trump is harming the... Read more »

Canadian Taxpayers Pay For A Trump “Impeach-O-Meter”

Have you ever heard of the Trump Impeach-O-Meter? You can find it on taxpayer funded state media, CBC Radio. Although President Donald Trump hasn’t broken any laws, the negative coverage Trump gets from... Read more »

CNN analyst April Ryan said Jim Acosta’s life was ‘in jeopardy’ at Trump rally

CNN and other mainstream media sources have the right to say whatever they want, even if they want to publish negative and bias against President Trump and his followers. CNN Chief White... Read more »

OPINION: Trudeau’s personal days cost taxpayers over $5 million so far, media silent

The mainstream media in Canada falls under President Trump’s description of fake news which is fairly obvious. Over the past 13 days Justin Trudeau enjoyed at least 12 personal days which included... Read more »

Melania Trump goes after fake news and says reports are ‘flat-out false’

First Lady Melania Trump’s spokeswoman, Stephanie Grisham, took to Twitter to call out a false reports on her from the mainstream media. Grisham said the First Lady is busy focusing on Family... Read more »