NDP Leader Singh: Is This His Time to Shine?

We’ve all seen the SNC-Lavalin controversy, and we also know that it has no end as of now, especially after it took an unexpected turn, when prime minister’s person resigned. Gerald Butts,... Read more »

Liberals Fail Our Children On Safety

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Did Maxime Bernier Prove The Conservative Party Is Not Conservative Enough?

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NAFTA Could Cost Trudeau’s Liberals The 2019 Election

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Maxime Bernier: Canada Has Been Hijacked

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Why Conservatives Could Get a Better NAFTA Deal

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Alberta might have to form their own Country to fix Pipeline problems

The leftist city of Vancouver got their wish today: The Trans Mountain Pipeline construction and major expansion project has now been halted indefinitely. The Federal Court of Appeals decided to shut down... Read more »

Jagmeet Singh Celebrates Kinder Morgan Court Ruling

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh made it clear many times he does not support Pipelines. Judge Eleanor Dawson killed the Kinder Morgan project because the federal government did not carry out its duty... Read more »

The Ugly Hidden Truth behind Canada’s Low Unemployment Rate

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Ottawa’s Drug-Pricing Change Threatens Interest of Canadians Suffering from Rare Diseases

The plea by Canadians federal government to increasingly regulate the cost of pharmaceutics might have downsides attached to it. According to a new study released by the Fraser Institute recently, Canadians with... Read more »