Forceful Indoctrination of Children through Leftist Transgender Dogma

Children who attend American Public Schools are no longer being taught traditional values, but are being fed leftist dogma that doesn’t make any sense. A recent case has surfaced, where it has... Read more »

Trudeau says we need to stop talking about about tolerance and start talking about acceptance

The LGBTQ2 community’s credo of “live and let live” seems to be losing its sex appeal. Canadians must now “accept” homosexuality, not merely tolerate it. At least that’s what Canadian Prime Minister... Read more »

Canada’s Supreme Court Rules Christian Law School Would Discriminate LGBTQ Students

A controversial decision from the Canadian Supreme Court bars British Columbia’s Trinity Western University (TWU) from building a new law school. The main reason justices gave for their opposition had to do... Read more »

Health: New Challenges for the LGBTQ Community In Canada

TORONTO – In 2017, it is difficult to find a doctor with a clear understanding of the health problems of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and queer (LGBTQ) community, according to several... Read more »