Joshua Boyle’s side of the story

There’s always two sides to a story, it’s who you believe and who has the evidence. In Joshua Boyle’s words, being a hostage to the Taliban wasn’t easy. The freed hostage –... Read more »

Taliban deny rape and murder claims by Joshua Boyle

Joshua Boyle and his wife, Caitlan Coleman are free back in Canada after 5 years of captivity when they were kidnapped by a Taliban-linked group in 2012. Coleman was heavily pregnant at... Read more »

Taliban Killed Daughter, says Joshua Boyle

Joshua Boyle and his family have arrived back in Canada. Boyle, along with American wife was taken captive in Afghanistan by the Haqqani network in 2012. The five years this couple spent... Read more »

The $10.5 Million connection, Joshua Boyle used to be married to Omar Khadr’s sister

Joshua Boyle, his wife and 3 children left Pakistan on Friday after being held hostage by a Taliban linked group for 5 years. 2 Pakistani officials, who requested anonymity due to security... Read more »