Trudeau’s soft spot for ISIS supporters needs a major overhaul as Australia strips citizenship

When ‘is’ a Canadian a Canadian? According to Justin Trudeau anytime no matter what. Trudeau started campaigning for the repeal of Stephen Harper’s policy to strip citizenship if someone committed treason, or... Read more »

Ontario Refugee Forced To Hush Encounter With ISIS Slave-master

Imagine you are a refugee, fleeing the terrors of ISIS, and you finally escape only to find yourself face to face with the man who imprisoned and tortured you. It happened to one... Read more »

As ISIS loses ground, 60 extremists head back to Canada

Around 5,600 ISIS continue their long journey home to their county of origin after losing ground and power in the Middle East. Around 60 of them are believed to be returning to... Read more »

Raqqa declared free of ISIS

The former capital city of Syria has been declared free of the Islamic State extremists. The city of Raqqa was handed over to administration of the city council and local officials. BREAKING:... Read more »

Canada is having problems hiring special adviser for $35M de-radicalization program

The Canadian government claims there’s not many radicalized people in Canada, even after the influx of more than $30,000 refugees from Syria that cannot be vetted for radicalization. A program started by... Read more »

Canadian ISIS-inspired terrorist arrested in New York wanted to kill thousands

A Canadian man arrested in New York was caught before he could kill “thousands of people and create a ocean of blood” 3 ISIS-inspired terrorists were caught before they create this terrible... Read more »

Trudeau calls to end White Supremacy in response to Edmonton Terrorist attack

Late Saturday night, Abdulahi Sharif, 30, intended to kill people in Edmonton after they enjoyed a CFL football game in the name of Islamic State. His rampage involving two vehicles injuring 5,... Read more »