WhatsApp Adds New Limit For Message Forwarding As Result of Massive Spread of Fake News

If you check out your WhatsApp, you’ll see that you can forward a message only to five individuals or to five groups in India and 20 individuals or 20 groups in the... Read more »

The Chef Post, A Food Tech Start Up in India, Curates A Unique Chefs’ Event – Cold War 2018

Further to the signature launch of The Chef Post portal in 2016 where the city witnessed its top chefs slay the ramp, Cold War in 2017 where 11 five star hotels showcased... Read more »

Andrew Scheer says he won’t be Dancing in India

These are some of the things that are the bare minimum you would expect from a Prime Minister in a foreign country. Behave with utmost grace, be courteous and most of all,... Read more »

New Report Released About PM Trudeau’s Blunderous Trip to India

Over the last few months, the disastrous visit by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to India has been the subject of political analysis and wild speculation. According to a recent news story published... Read more »

Farmers Protesting In India

Over twenty thousand people, having walked 167 km to Mumbai arrive on Monday to demand better prices for their products and for more loan waivers. The group included children and genders of... Read more »

India says Trudeau’s comments are “baseless and unacceptable”

After returning from his India trip Prime Minister Justin Trudeau decided to take a day of for personal reasons. It was the day after his return when he showed up for question... Read more »

India Angered over Justin Trudeau’s Defense of Unnamed Official

On Wednesday the Indian government made it clear that they were very upset about Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s defense of his official who said that their recent visit to India was sabotaged... Read more »

MP who inviting convicted would-be assassin to dinner with Trudeau apologizes and steps down

Liberal MP Randeep Sarai stepped down from his post as Pacific caucus chair after inviting Jaspal Atwal to an elite dinner with Justin Trudeau during his trip to India last week. Sarai... Read more »

Justin Trudeau’s India trip turned into a Meme

The over-the-top outfits Justin Trudeau and family choose to wear during their India trip literally turn into Memes on social media. Here’s some of the photoshopped images that were made by social... Read more »

Thank God Trudeau’s disastrous trip to India is over

Justin Trudeau managed to embarrass Canadians for a whole week in India, which was supposed to be a trip benefiting us, instead it seemed to be a vacation. The mainstream media worldwide... Read more »