Trudeau fails to deport dangerous criminals putting Canadians in danger

Canada’s deportation system has failed. A new report from Global News shows that in 2012 there was 291 dangerous criminals living in Canada who were ordered for deportation.’ One such example is Faulino... Read more »

Courts uphold Trumps Texas anti-immigration law

“The law is already in effect.” With these words, the Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, celebrated on Tuesday the ratification of the SB4 law,  that prohibits sanctuary cities in the state and allows much... Read more »

Canada feeds and houses its illegal border crossers

If you’re looking at establishing a new business in Canada, perhaps you should set up a fast food chain where illegal immigrants cross into our country in St-Bernard-de-Lacolle, Que. You might even... Read more »

No discrimination against immigrants; Liberals will let almost anyone in

Just when you may have thought the federal Liberal government’s immigration policy couldn’t get any worse, it comes up with another scheme to prove us all wrong. Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen gave... Read more »

Trump government wants to prevent legal immigrants from accessing permanent residence

The Trump administration continues to promote an agenda aimed at reducing legal immigration without the need or approval of the United States Congress. One of these proposed measures seeks to hinder the... Read more »

Canada Plans to Allow Almost 1 Million Immigrants into the Country Over the Next 3 Years

On Wednesday, Canada released its 2018 plan for immigration numbers. Along with that, for the very first time, the IRCC revealed the projected 3-year plan for immigration numbers to be followed by... Read more »

Liberals say immigrants drive Canada’s economy

Canada’s Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen says the new normal for immigrants to Canada is a number set at 300,000. Hussen says immigrants drive Canada’s economy, they are a “big tool” to power Canada’s... Read more »

New Canadian Citizenship Rules to take Effect next week

On Wednesday, Ahmed Hussen – the Immigration Minister announced the substantial changes made to the citizenship rules country, which will come into effect from next week. Speaking in Brampton, Ontario, Hussen announced... Read more »

Trudeau may allow 450,000 immigrants into Canada next year

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Trudeau government happens to be the most accepting nation towards immigrants. However, one can’t ignore the downside of allowing newcomers into the country, without... Read more »

“Welcome your Neighbours signs” in Arabic, French and English being sold in Winnipeg

CBC posted a article on Sept. 20 with links to as if to promote the site. The website sells signs welcoming refugees and asylum seekers into Canada. The story on CBC... Read more »