Angry Migrants at Swedish Rally Punch Anti-Immigrant Party Member

Talk to any pro immigrant and they would say that all immigrants and locals are assimilating quite well in Sweden and other Scandinavian countries. Well, if events of the past week are... Read more »

Justin Trudeau might have to apologize for ‘racist’ comment if Faith Goldy become mayor of Toronto

Are Canadians racist? According to Justin Trudeau they are. After a fire on displaced around 1,500 people from an apartment building on 650 Parliament St. in Toronto last month, many found themselves... Read more »

Guess who’s paying for the Wall? Mexico?

President Trump is on a roll nowadays with his policies, and is getting used to winning on the foreign front. In fact, Americans have gotten so used to their President winning in... Read more »

Seamus O’Regan says Canada needs more immigrants because they create more jobs than Canadian-born people

Canada’s Minister of Veterans Affairs and Associate Minister of National Defence Seamus O’Regan says Canada needs more immigrants to create jobs in Canada because they create more jobs than people born in Canada. He’s... Read more »