Mother in Germany Mentions How She Feels like a Foreigner in Child’s Daycare

In a polarizing video that has already garnered over 2 million views; a German mother of a 3-year-old-boy has complained how her son cannot properly socialize with children in his public nursery,... Read more »

Merkel: The deal for the new German government will be good for the EU

Germany has major plans for the European Union (EU), said Chancellor Angela Merkel to the Budenstag on the eve of an informal EU meeting in Brussels. But first she needs the government.... Read more »

British Columbia Parent Wants “Genderless” Baby To Pick Their Own Gender

Kori Doty does not like conventions. Considered neither man nor woman, this non-binary trans does not have the intention either that their child is subject to it. Thus, since the birth of Searyl Atli last... Read more »

Biggest ever study notes: “Bees dying from pesticides”

A new study into the use of neonicotinoid pesticides that the controversial pesticides are dangerous to bees. The researchers found that honey bees were exposed to the chemicals are less likely to... Read more »