Zuckerberg and Sandberg Could Be Found in Contempt of Parliament. Here’s Why

The Canadian MPs are giving warnings. Facebook’s top officials were asked to testify in Ottawa this week. However they keep ignoring it. For this, they could be found in contempt of Parliament.... Read more »

Mark Zuckerberg Wants Governments to Help in Controlling the Internet Content

Facebook’s CEO said that regulators and governments should have a more active role when it comes to controlling the internet content. He also said that the responsibility for monitoring all the harmful... Read more »

Facebook: They Are Extending the Ban on Hate Speech; White Nationalists

Facebook wants to extend its ban on hate speech in order to prohibit the promotion (and support) of white nationalism and separatism. Before this, the company allowed this kind of material to... Read more »

Facebook Is Building Observatories: New Laser Communications Systems

Facebook is charging its lasers! Joke aside, Facebook is really building two observatories that will use lasers for new communications systems. The social networking company keeps on battling privacy issues and wary... Read more »

Facebook Just Pledged to Invest $300 Million In Journalism

Why is Facebook investing millions of dollars in USA and worldwide local news? The social platform tries to improve news publishers after it was criticized that it negatively impacts journalism as it’s... Read more »

Mark Zuckerberg personally engaged in banning Alex Jones from Facebook

Last week the world was shocked when conspiracy theorist Alex Jones was banned from multiple platforms including Facebook, YouTube and Apple, the ban itself is very controversial as the founder of InfoWars.com... Read more »

Facebook Approves Fake News Ads While Banning Conservative News

Facebook hired AFP Canada as a fact checking service to lower reach for some Conservative websites. Facebook sends notifications to everyone who shared a story that was deemed as false by AFP,... Read more »

Mark Zuckerberg releases statement on Cambridge Analytica situation

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg broke his silence today after losing $9 Billion personal net worth following a scandal that Cambridge Analytica failed to destroy information of 50 million accounts. Zuckerberg released the following statement... Read more »

Facebook to lose $23.8 billion market value after data breach

50 million Facebook accounts could have been breached according to new reports. The move forced a drop of 6.8 percent on Facebook shares and a loss of $23.8 billion in market value.... Read more »

Trudeau spent almost $1.5 million advertising for Refugees and Immigration

A new study has shown that the Trudeau government has spent more than $13.6 million for sponsored social media posts. The Social Media advertising business is a large expense by all governments... Read more »