Building the Energy East Pipeline would be perfect retaliation against Saudi Arabia

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TransCanada’s Keystone XL pipeline approved

Nebraska voted yes to approve the TransCanada’s Keystone XL pipeline just days after a spill by a TransCanada line of 800,000 litres. The pipeline route would create thousands of jobs both in... Read more »

Thanks to transfer payments from Alberta, Quebec is prepared for financial crisis

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Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre should never be welcome in Alberta

The radical Mayor of Montreal Denis Coderre made some big headlines this week. TransCanada made the announcement to cancel it’s proposed Energy East Pipeline project which shocked the nation. 15,000 people had... Read more »

Medicine Hat Mayor: “The mayor of Montreal is a moron”

The Mayor of Medicine Hat had some harsh words for anti-Pipeline Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre. Coderre told reporters the cancellation of the Energy Easy project is a victory. “I’ve been saying since... Read more »

VIDEO: Trudeau gets blasted and laughed at on his response to Energy East

The Energy East pipeline project is cancelled at a high price, the announcement was made on Thursday morning. “After careful review of changed circumstances, we will be informing the National Energy Board... Read more »

NewsAlert: TransCanada cancels Energy East pipeline project

The project is dead, TransCanada announced the Energy East pipeline project will not go forward. “After careful review of changed circumstances, we will be informing the National Energy Board that we will... Read more »