Tucker Carlson Shows Explosive Email from Google Exec Over How Company Assisted Hillary in 2016

Fox News host Tucker Carlson made a startling revelation in his show on Monday. Carlson, who has on multiple counts mentioned the role Google played in Hillary’s campaign during the 2018 elections,... Read more »

Confirmed: Trudeau to Run Again

A story that should surprise no one, Justin Trudeau announced that he will be running in next year’s election. The announcement came with the same sort of amateurish snobbery that Trudeau and... Read more »

Trump might be direct reason Trudeau calls early Election

Justin Trudeau and the Liberal party may be planning to call an early election. According to Arthur Weinreb of the Canada Free Press, the current election is scheduled for October 2019 but... Read more »

Ontario NDP now lead the polls and have a real chance to win the Ontario Election

Just over a month ago the Ontario NDP seemed like they had little chance to win the Ontario election on June 7, but things have turned around. According to a new poll... Read more »

PC Leadership Election Heats up

Patrick Brown’s departure from the Progressive Conservative leadership race last week was very chaotic but seems to have improved the campaigns of Christine Elliott and Doug Ford, as Patrick Brown’s former supporters... Read more »