The Toronto city council reduction was just what the Canadian democracy needed

Promises made and promises kept. It was something that had the exact affect it was supposed to have, leave the Liberals that had disregarded the governance of Toronto in a complete sense... Read more »

Ford Nation’s Pro-Patient Healthcare Stance

Progressive Conservatives have campaigned to success in making Ontario a “Ford Nation”. The campaign autopsies are in full swing whereas the PC has work to do in transforming themselves from being in... Read more »

Doug Ford Is Right On Trudeau’s Carbon Tax

The newly elected government of Ontario has made many headlines over the last month, one of the biggest being his view on Justin Trudeau’s Carbon Tax plan. The Trudeau government plans to... Read more »

Doug Ford is right, the border crisis is Trudeau’s mess

Finally Canada has a politician that speaks aloud what we all think, the border crisis is Justin Trudeau’s fault. Most Canadians would agree that crossing the border illegally into Canada needs to... Read more »

Ontario’s New Premier To Put Canada First of Trade War

Meet Doug Ford. Ford is the newly elected conservative premier of Canada’s largest providence, Ontario. Doug is not to be confused with his controversial brother, the late crack-smoking, former Toronto mayor, Robert... Read more »

“Canadian Trump” or Not, Ontario is Ready for Change

Now that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is facing the lowest approval rating of his mandate, international news outlets are starting to pay attention to Canada’s future leadership. As can be expected, American... Read more »

Ontario NDP now lead the polls and have a real chance to win the Ontario Election

Just over a month ago the Ontario NDP seemed like they had little chance to win the Ontario election on June 7, but things have turned around. According to a new poll... Read more »

Homeless and unemployed may have to wait as Ontario announces more aid to immigrants

The hits keep coming for homeless and unemployed people in Ontario, desperate to find a place to live or work. With about 12,000 people in Ontario homeless each night and hundreds of thousands... Read more »

Wynne takes a cruel swing at white voters in latest provincial election campaign push

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne must sense she’s losing in the current Ontario election campaign. She’s now picking a familiar target, the same target her federal counterpart Justin Trudeau attacks regularly – the... Read more »

Newly-elected PC Leader Ford suggests a free market for pot

Doug Ford was just chosen leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party last Saturday and already he’s coming up with what some might call radical ideas. Ford proposed a free market for... Read more »