Kim Jong Un Doesn’t Want His Kids to Deal with His Nuclear Weapons

Kim Jong Un, the North Korean leader has told the US state that he didn’t want his kids to have to deal with nuclear weapons, because the burden is too much. This... Read more »

Fight on Twitter: Trump and Newsom and How Trump Wants His Money Back

There were some tweets between President Donald Trump and the California Gov. Gavin Newsom about the federal funding for the state’s bullet train project. This happened on Wednesday. It’s been said that... Read more »

The Partial Government Shutdown: Lindsey Graham Lost His Hope

It’s been some days since the partial government shutdown, and we think that all the hope might be lost. Republican South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham is a very strong ally of the... Read more »

Trump to Play the ‘Emergency’ Card to Build His Wall

Here’s the deal: the House does not agree on passing a spending bill that would give Trump the $5.6 billion he wants to build his wall, and Trump doesn’t want to sign... Read more »

Trump puts Sanctions on Russia – Liberals silent

When Donald Trump made several proclamations during his campaign trail, he was ridiculed by the left claiming that he won’t be able to deliver on them considering Obama never achieved them. However,... Read more »

Kim Jong Un first words “It was hard to get here”

It finally happened, the first US sitting President met with the leader of North Korea for the first time ever, a truly historic event. Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un first met... Read more »

Melania Trump still peeved about Husbands playboy lover

WASHINGTON – After further accusations that President Donald Trump had a love affair with former Playboy Playmate Karen McDougal , First Lady Melania Trump decided to break with the tradition of traveling at Marine One with her husband.... Read more »

Trump to Christian crowd “We’re saying merry Christmas again”

President Trump told a large Christian conservative crowd today his administration will defend religious organizations and bring back American values. “How times have changed, but you know what, now they are changing... Read more »

World War 3 could start in 140 characters or less

Currently world war 3 is a war between the mainstream media, Twitter and Donald Trump, according to latest MSM headlines. Facebook and Twitter are the most used social media platforms of today,... Read more »

Jagmeet Singh could have a Trump-like victory over Trudeau in 2019

Jagmeet Singh made history on Sunday, October 1st, when he got elected as the first ever non-Caucasian leader of NDP (New Democratic Party). The Canadian Sikh is being dubbed as the second... Read more »