Syrian man broadcasts live on Facebook moments after killing wife

A Syrian man living in Germany stabbed and killed his wife just moment before he went live on Facebook. Abu Marwan, 41, told Facebook viewers on the live feed “this is how... Read more »

Singer Jacob Hoggard accused of Sexual Harrasment

Another sexual scandal involving celebrities. This time the defendant is the singer Jacob Hoggard of the Canadian rock band, Hedley.  It is not, however, merely a charge of harassment, but a breach. The story... Read more »

Dutch parliament recognizes Armenian killings as “genocide” 

Lawmakers in the Lower House of the Dutch Parliament have passed a resolution recognizing as “genocide” massacres against Armenians from the Ottoman Empire in 1915, a decision that has caused anger in... Read more »

Ottawa spends millions for artificial to combat child pornography

Canada’s liberal government has channelled millions of dollars into a national centre that uses artificial intelligence to track child pornography images and report them. Public Security Minister Ralph Goodale said that “the... Read more »

Six bodies found in pots in Toronto

Toronto Police confirmed that they had found the remains of six bodies, hidden in pots, on a property linked to serial killer Bruce McArthur. At a press conference, Detective Sergeant Hank Idsinga... Read more »

Pablo Escobar: Two new bars opened in honor of the feared Drug Lord

Pablo Escobar went from being one of the most feared criminals in history to becoming a popular legend driven by the success of Narcos. His name is now everywhere: from bars, restaurants... Read more »

Women in Canadian Politics Seek Out Solutions for Sexual Harassment

As sexual harassment has taken the world by storm, women all over the world are coming forward and speaking up– from celebrities to ordinary women. Whether they belong to an entertainment industry,... Read more »

Edmonton Kijiji Scam, Woman Charged For Online Forgery

Police says the Ad and seller disappear as soon as the e-payment has been made. A 51-year old woman was charged by the Edmonton police department for forging around seven victims out... Read more »

Ottawa Doctor Charged For Voyeurism And Sexual Assault

Dr. Vincent Nadon has been charged with voyeurism and sexual assault after one of his patients was victimized and launched a complaint. According to the authorities, 56 year old Nadon was practicing... Read more »

What Will Happen To The Alleged Aides Of Dalton McGuinty?

Dalton McGunity’s political aides were accused of erasing the virtual documents in an assumed attempt of concealing important data about the Liberal Government’s elimination of the two gas-fired power plants. Both the... Read more »