James Woods Locked Out Of Twitter Proves Social Media Bias Against Conservatives

Twitter has locked out actor James Woods for at least a week after they found a satirical tweet he posted months ago mocking men who vote democrats. The Tweet was posted back... Read more »

Did Maxime Bernier Prove The Conservative Party Is Not Conservative Enough?

Recently the political landscape in Canada has shown signs of change after a few internal and external events have revealed a need for real conservative leadership. It all started when MP Maxime... Read more »

NAFTA Could Cost Trudeau’s Liberals The 2019 Election

The revised NAFTA deal between the U.S. and Mexico has seen pressure building on Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Negotiations between Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland and U.S. trade leader Robert... Read more »

Maxime Bernier: Canada Has Been Hijacked

Ever since Maxime Bernier left his Conservative colleagues a couple of weeks ago, he has been labeled as a sore loser who couldn’t persevere in the face of pressure. Maxime Bernier has... Read more »

Canadian Conservatives Propose Free Movement With Australia, New Zealand and the UK

The free movement of people and goods between countries that are friendly to the values, principles and goals of Canada is something that can advance cultural and socioeconomic conditions for all the... Read more »

Why Conservatives Could Get a Better NAFTA Deal

The final week of August has been brutal for Canadian Liberals in Ottawa, and Conservatives believe that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s lack of leadership is to blame for the current state of... Read more »

Jagmeet Singh Celebrates Kinder Morgan Court Ruling

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh made it clear many times he does not support Pipelines. Judge Eleanor Dawson killed the Kinder Morgan project because the federal government did not carry out its duty... Read more »

Andrew Scheer optimistic about his popularity

Andrew Scheer recently revealed that the fact that he’s been able to make himself known to the common Canadian public without having to rely on an army of PR strategist like Justin... Read more »

Abortion a Closed Debate, declares Scheer

Halifax has gained a lot of news coverage this past week after it played host to the annual Conservative convention. The convention is considered one of the most important conventions in the... Read more »

Andrew Scheer’s Mission Impossible

It’s an old predicament that conservatives across North America have had to deal with for decades. The liberals come in with their promises and when all the damage is done, it’s up... Read more »