Canada – Gas and Oil Spending to Fall This Year

According to Statistics Canada, spending to extract gas and oil will fall this year in Canada, for the fourth straight year. The federal agency released data from a survey of investment intentions... Read more »

The Threat of Jidahists and Terrorists in Canada

CANADA – International news reports concerning jihadists and terrorists do not usually mention Canada as a country where their violent activities are focused, but the threat of terrorism is very real in... Read more »

Trudeau’s comments on Boushie verdict suggests Canadian justice system is wrong

According to the Prime Minister, the Canadian justice system may be wrong. 56-year-old Gerald Stanley was accused of second-degree murder of a twenty two year old man – Colten Boushie in August,... Read more »

Canadian Submarine is on a Surveillance Mission in the Pacific

Canadian vessel, HMCS Chicoutimi, has gone farther from home in the Pacific Ocean to aid the surveillance program to keep tabs on the rogue state of North Korea. The submarine was grounded... Read more »

Canada Jetlines Secures a Place in the List of Low-Cost Airlines to Abbotsford

Good news for travellers commuting from the Abbotsford International Airport – there will now be more low-cost flight options available for them to choose from. Canada Jetlines recently revealed their plan to... Read more »

Overcoming Gender Bias: Canada Announces to Deploy More Female Soldiers to Conflict Zones

In an attempt to tackle gender bias in areas where women are most vulnerable, Canada is stepping up with a strategy that will allow more women to be a part of peace... Read more »

Sears Canada to Pack Up, Leaving 12,000 People Unemployed

On Tuesday, Sears Canada announced the shutting down of their business in the country. Once a retail giant, the business will now be laying off the 12,000 employees who worked with them... Read more »

Jamaican First Lady wants Canadian Jamaicans to strengthen ties with their Home Country

Juliet Holness – wife of the Jamaican Prime Minister called out to Canadians of Jamaican descent to strengthen their ties with Jamaica – their home country – in the pursuit of real... Read more »

Canada Blasted for Violation of International Law in Handling Immigration Detainees

There was a joint submission filed in the UN Human Rights Council by a group of prominent civil and human rights organisations accusing Canada of violating international laws in the way the... Read more »

Warning signs show Canada could be heading towards Recession

Canada’s credit-to-GDP is over 11, which is usually a critical sign of oncoming recessions. Canada is third on the list indicating warnings of stress in domestic banking systems, Interests rates are rising... Read more »