Police called to Bombardier facility for “suspicious incident”

Police were called to investigate a suspicious package delivered to one of Bombardier’s Toronto facilities. Police can’t confirm the package but the company said it was delivered in error and contained four... Read more »

New Study Shows Canadian Children Have High Rates Of Suicide, Child Abuse

There is a global perception that Canada is a one of the better places in the world to raise children, thanks in part to its national health system. But a new report... Read more »

Suncor to halt crude expansion approvals, CEO says there is clearly a question of confidence in Canada

Suncor Energy doesn’t want to expand in Canada until there’s hard proof pipelines will be built in Canada says CEO Steve Williams. Williams says he wants to see progress on the ground... Read more »

Trudeau tells Edmonton he won’t be using ‘legislative tricks’ to build Kinder Morgan

Justin Trudeau arrived in Edmonton today to meet with Alberta Premier Rachel Notley after approving anti-pipeline city Vancouver for more than $1 billion to revamp their metro system. Trudeau talked to the... Read more »

Liberals Fail Our Children On Safety

Canada is often seen as one of the leading nations in the world for bringing up children. However, the latest statistics from 2016, the first full year of the leadership of Liberal... Read more »

Did Maxime Bernier Prove The Conservative Party Is Not Conservative Enough?

Recently the political landscape in Canada has shown signs of change after a few internal and external events have revealed a need for real conservative leadership. It all started when MP Maxime... Read more »

Bill Morneau says the Courts decision on Kinder Morgan are important next steps in getting this project built

Canada’s Finance Minister Bill Morneau talks a whole lot of nothing when it comes to defending his government. Morneau says the Federal Court of Appeals decision to kill the Kinder Morgan pipeline... Read more »

Jagmeet Singh blames Harper for Pipeline problems after reports show his Party is broke

Federal NDP leader Jagmeet Singh isn’t taking a salary because he can’t afford one. Recent reports show the NDP raised just $5 million from donors in 2017 while the Conservative Party raised... Read more »

Trudeau to visit Edmonton after blocking bid on Trans Mountain pipeline plan

Justin Trudeau is set to visit Edmonton on Wednesday after his Government blocked a bid to lay out a plan for the Trans Mountain pipeline. Conservatives put forward a motion calling for the... Read more »

Justin Trudeau might have to apologize for ‘racist’ comment if Faith Goldy become mayor of Toronto

Are Canadians racist? According to Justin Trudeau they are. After a fire on displaced around 1,500 people from an apartment building on 650 Parliament St. in Toronto last month, many found themselves... Read more »