Canada Jetlines Secures a Place in the List of Low-Cost Airlines to Abbotsford

Good news for travellers commuting from the Abbotsford International Airport – there will now be more low-cost flight options available for them to choose from. Canada Jetlines recently revealed their plan to... Read more »

Overcoming Gender Bias: Canada Announces to Deploy More Female Soldiers to Conflict Zones

In an attempt to tackle gender bias in areas where women are most vulnerable, Canada is stepping up with a strategy that will allow more women to be a part of peace... Read more »

Sears Canada to Pack Up, Leaving 12,000 People Unemployed

On Tuesday, Sears Canada announced the shutting down of their business in the country. Once a retail giant, the business will now be laying off the 12,000 employees who worked with them... Read more »

Jamaican First Lady wants Canadian Jamaicans to strengthen ties with their Home Country

Juliet Holness – wife of the Jamaican Prime Minister called out to Canadians of Jamaican descent to strengthen their ties with Jamaica – their home country – in the pursuit of real... Read more »

Canada Blasted for Violation of International Law in Handling Immigration Detainees

There was a joint submission filed in the UN Human Rights Council by a group of prominent civil and human rights organisations accusing Canada of violating international laws in the way the... Read more »

Warning signs show Canada could be heading towards Recession

Canada’s credit-to-GDP is over 11, which is usually a critical sign of oncoming recessions. Canada is third on the list indicating warnings of stress in domestic banking systems, Interests rates are rising... Read more »