Taxpayers will pay dearly for G7 Summit in Quebec

You’d think the federal government would have learned by now that hosting international summits only creates Canadian nightmares. But after disastrous G8 and G20 summits in the Toronto area in 2010, where... Read more »

Liberals spend more in 2019 federal budget with women, minorities coming out winners

The Liberals will tell you it’s about gender equality and helping the middle class. But what the 2019 federal budget is really about is growing the debt and shifting priorities towards women... Read more »

Canadians are patiently waiting for the budget to balance itself

Remember these now infamous words from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in 2016? Yes, he said it: “The budget will balance itself.” Of course, he was wrong. So what about the 2018 federal... Read more »

Budget reveals $19 billion Deficit

The Liberal government on Tuesday, revealed the country’s budget deficit, which turned out to be smaller than the forecasted amount. However, there no projection of restoring the deficit within the next five... Read more »

Trudeau in 2015 “Liberals balance budgets. That’s what history has shown”

Justin Trudeau’s 2015 election campaign seems like a lie two years later. Trudeau needed to say what he did to potentially win, his campaign started with lies and ended with lies, his... Read more »