Most Canadians support the face-coverings ban, but Trudeau doesn’t

Quebec’s new face-coverings ban reached Canadians across the country. 68 percent Canadians support the ban according to a new Ipsos poll by Global News. Bill 62 passed in Quebec last week banning... Read more »

Fatima Ahmad says Islamophobia has increased since Bill 62

21-year-old McGill University student Fatima Ahmad told CBC news that Islamophobia has increased since Bill 62 was adopted by the Quebec Liberal government. Bill 62 bans face-coverings in public areas and while receiving public service like... Read more »

Jagmeet Singh says Bill 62 violates Human Rights

Under the latest law passed by the provincial government of Quebec, anyone with a face covering (niqab) will be banned from receiving or giving public services in the province. The new NDP... Read more »