Most Canadians Don’t Trust Trudeau On Border Security

Despite what Justin Trudeau and his liberal media friends have tried to sell to the public as evidence of Canada’s continued policy of admitting refugees, the public seems to have had enough.... Read more »

Poll Suggest Most Canadians Think Canada’s Border Situation Is In Crisis Mode

A new poll by Angus Reid suggests most Canadians think the irregular border crossing situation is in crisis mode. Canadians also think Conservative leader Andrew Scheer would so a better job controlling... Read more »

Jason Kenney “Terrorist should be kicked out of the Country”

United Conservative Party leader candidate for Alberta Jason Kenney is making a name for himself. Kenney responded to the Edmonton terrorist attacks carried out by Abdulahi Sharif said Global News, Sharif rammed... Read more »

Most Canadians believe Trudeau’s Migrant plan is being poorly managed

A Ipsos poll conducted mid-August shows most Canadians don’t think Justin Trudeau knows how to handle the Migrants coming into Canada illegally fleeing President Donald Trump. The poll was conducted on behalf... Read more »

Revealed behind closed doors, 40,000 Asylum seekers will cost Canada half a billion dollars

Member of Parliament Michelle Rempel went on Facebook live to tell people what she heard behind closed doors in New York after she followed Justin Trudeau’s Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen to the... Read more »

Failed asylum seekers could stay in Canada thanks to hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma passed by Haiti and Cuba in the last 48 hours slamming the Islands with heave winds and rain making the small islands unsafe for rejected asylum seekers to return to.... Read more »