iPhone 11 Latest News Available – The Good and the Bad Ones

Apple has been among the first manufacturers to promote the design and sale of a new device each year. Calling their tiny updates new is kind of a stretch though. But still,... Read more »

Apple Music to Have More Than 60 Million Paid Subscribers

The chief from iTunes, Eddy Cue, has recently talked about Apple Music. On the 27th of June, Apple Music has gotten more than 60 million paid subscribers. While talking about this, Cue said... Read more »

LG’s Future Smartphone to Come With a Second Screen

This year the big smartphone companies are going to impress us with their new devices and tech. We’ll expect to see the foldable phone from Samsung, the next generation of iPhones and... Read more »

Apple Teams Up With Johnson & Johnson To Help Diagnose Causes of Stroke

This year, Apple and Johnson & Johnson will begin a multi-year study to see if the Apple Watch Series 4 combined with an app from the pharmaceutical company can help diagnose atrial... Read more »

Apple Using Sony’s 3D Camera Technology for their Future iPhones

Recent rumours reveal some shocking information. It looks like Apple is considering some unexpected addition for their future smartphones. Next-generation iPhones might be equipped with a revolutionary technology patented by Sony –... Read more »

New Peanuts Content Heading To Apple

In its quest for exclusive content for its future online video service, Apple has hit a big deal. Deadline reports that the tech giant will produce original programs in the universe of Peanuts . An agreement has been... Read more »