Mark McMorris, Wins Olympic bronze only 11 months after being on the verge of death

The ‘snowboarder’, who suffered a serious accident last March, returns to the podium in PyeongChang.

The Canadian Prime Minister has highlighted “the tenacity and courage” of Mark McMorris, the snowboarder who this weekend has won the bronze medal at the Olympic Winter Games, held in PyeongChang (South Korea).
Justin Trudeau has tweeted. He has highlighted his example and affirmed that his strength is inspiring, Just 11 months ago, this 24-year-old athlete was on the verge of death, after having suffered a serious accident while training.

In March of 2017, McMorris crashed into a tree.

A rescue helicopter entered the mountains of Whistler Back-country (Canada) to transport the athlete to a hospital. He suffered a broken jaw, ruptured spleen, internal bleeding, had several broken bones and a collapsed lung, as reported by CNN. “I was sure I was going to die,” the snowboarder posted on social media . “I will never take for granted another day of my life on earth,” he added.

Last year’s is not the only injury he has suffered.

In 2016 he underwent an operation in which a metal rod was implanted in his leg. He recovered and went back to training. The following year, he suffered a new accident, this time, it almost cost him his life.

However, just a few months later, this young athlete has returned to the Olympic podium.

He achieved 85.20 points in his category and captured the third position which he had already achieved back in Sochi-2014.

This Sunday, the official staff of the Olympic Games tweeted a message accompanied by two photographs. In the first one the athlete appears in the hospital bed, after the serious accident of last March.

In the second, celebrating the bronze achieved in PyeongChang. “Nothing is impossible,” said the tweet. McMorris has shown it.

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