World’s First SEC-Compliant Pre-ICO Crowdsale Going on Now for ZENCoins

The next generation of social media rests in a platform called ZEN, which will offer users the unique ability to share videos and chat – all while earning ZENCoin cryptocurrency in the process.

Founded by former Zynga lead systems engineer Frank Erik Banks, ZEN lets users become paid influencers while empowering them to build community and earn ZENCoins. The platform melds the simplicity of social media with the ability to earn digital money, and it holds the potential for being an exceptional business opportunity for shareholders and ZENCoin stakeholders.

ZEN was recently featured in an article on Entreprenuer, which highlighted the fact that ZEN already has tens of thousands of users.

An unprecedented pre-ICO crowdsale going on now is giving everyday investors the opportunity to get in at the ground floor of the next disruptor in cryptocurrency. ZEN is currently the only pre-ICO to combine SEC compliance with crowdfunding.

With the current pre-ICO crowdsale, investors will receive pricing that has typically been reserved for VIPs. This pricing extends to discounts of up to 50% off usual rates. For investors who weren’t able to ride the tide of Bitcoin success, ZEN presents a never before seen opportunity.

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About ZEN

ZEN is the next generation of social media, offering users the ability to share videos and network with friends while earning ZENCoin cryptocurrency. SEC-licensed pre-ICO crowdsale going on now at StartEngine.



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