It turns out that the artificial breast implants can save lives

Artificial breast implants can protect women life shootings case, according to a new study, published in the scientific journal ” Journal of Forensic Sciences .”

The study says that breast implants, which has been made popular by celebrities striving for greater chest circumference, can help significantly slow down the speed of a bullet and reduce the chance of life-threatening injury.

It turns out that the bullet that hit the breast implants, up to 20 times reduces its impact force, potentially protecting human vital organs.

In recent years, the breast implants have become a fashion trend, several women have recognized that it is a surgical intervention on behalf of the beauty saved her life.

Canadian Eilēna Liknesa journalists claimed that her former friend’s broadcast slug nenogalinājusi their only due to breast implants.

To provide a justification for such statements, scientists got to work and experiment examined whether breast implant really able to significantly reduce the speed of the bullets fired.

After breast implants from 2, 5 meters long distance was broadcast slug revealed that implant density affected the sphere shape, making it thinner and significantly reducing its speed.

“Artificial breasts are as small airbags,” he told an investigator Kristofers Panučī (Christopher Pannucci) and added that the implants can prevent a woman not only from the bullets, but also a knife stabbing.

However, not all researchers are so positive in relation to breast implants. What Australian university researcher Anand Deva (Deva Anand), who was faced with a woman whose artificial breasts were devastated slug, said: “It certainly is an interesting idea, but would not be wise to consider breast implants as miraculous a bulletproof vest.”

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