The Moon Could Affect Our State Of Mind

New studies prove to us how the Moon could have an impact on our mental health, and there might be some intriguing effects in the process, as well. How something like this can occur and how important is for us to start considering it? More about the Moon and its impact we are going to discuss in the following article.

Even from ancient times, we admired the Moon exactly how it is, in its greatest shape displayed marvelously, night after night over the sky. We often thought at the Moon as another world, one of the other possibilities or, just as our ancestors believed it could be, a presence to worship it.

Other people, however, looked for guidance at the Moon, believing it could reveal important things about their present or future. And then, of course, there are the astronomers and the scientists, who chose to study every edge of the Moon and developed some missions, too.

The Moon Could Affect Our State Of Mind

The Moon, being also a natural satellite, looks that it has something else in store for us. It is believed to have a unique connection with the Earth, a fact that results in its responsibility of the tides’ rises and ebbs. Also, it is believed to have an impact on animals, influencing them to reproduce during its peak.

Many studies though, show us another ‘side’ of the Moon, one that could profoundly affect us in such ways we find them hard to believe. Let’s talk about mental health, for example, does really Moon have something to do with it? Well, researchers say it sure does, mainly when a full moon occurs. People are believed to be more anxious, furious, or depressed for a short time, according to scientists.

Also, it is believed that we might lose our quality sleep, too, being strongly interrupted by the full Moon phase, a fact that sometimes results in many cases of insomnia. Different belief, but not stated fully by the researchers, is the way women’s menstrual cycles synchronize with the Moon. Crazy enough for some people to believe it, but there are still some who put the blame on this.

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