The “Bill Gates” of Dogecoin is Back

In January 2014, a mysterious Reddit user, u/dogefreedom, made his very first comment, offering 20 million Doge ($6,000 at the time) to help send the Jamaican bobsled team to the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. He then continued to donate thousands to various other charities over the course of the year. Hailed has the “Bill Gates of Dogecoin,” this secretive Redditor made a huge splash across the Dogecoin related forums. He then disappeared for three years, leaving only 3 comments since then.

Fast forward to today. U/dogefreedom is back, and he’s announced his return with the opening of a huge, and heretofore unheard of, video contest, featuring an incredible $100,000 (USD) in prizes.

The goal? Promote a one minute video featuring Dogecoin. The contest is timed to coincide perfectly with the start of the Chinese New Year. This year is the year of the dog. Expect to see quite a bit of Dogecoin all over social media leading up to the end of the contest. Here’s what we know about u/dogefreedom:

He is determined to maintain his anonymity, and hides behind multiple proxies, but based on his Reddit comments, he was an early adopter of both Bitcoin and Litecoin.

At some point, he chose to move at least a large portion of his holdings into Dogecoin. In the past, his posted wallet addresses showed a balance of over 100 million doge. It’s very likely that he has more than that. Far more. And he seems to have no problem giving away large sums to multiple good causes.

He also has an admitted strong commitment to Dogecoin and the Dogecoin community. From his first post on Reddit: “Dogecoin is fun. But it’s not a joke.” His positive attitude is reflected in his video contest.

Consider this animated video, in which Dogecoin is represented by an adorable dog, and we, the users, are represented by a young boy. Initially attracted to the flashy prospects of other coins, we lose sight of what we had.

But Dogecoin never leaves, and never gives up hope, returned to us in the end. To quote u/dogefreedom: “I am here for the long term.” The return of this crypto titan probably spells good things for the near future of Dogecoin.

Look to see Dogecoin start rallying towards the middle of February as the Chinese start celebrating the year of the dog and u/dogefreedom’s video contest comes to a close.

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Meagan Kozlovs

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