Sunsets Are The Killers of the Camera-based Vacuums

Even though technology can now make an object smart and also though people love the high-end Roombas from iRobot because of apparent reasons, it is not all milk and honey. The Roomba 960, one of the best models of the company that can navigate through your house thanks to its camera does not work correctly in rooms that are dimly lit.

Testing the camera-based Roombas

In order to be aware of its position in your home at all times, a camera with low resolution is being used by the Roomba 960. Unfortunately, when there is no proper lighting, this does not work, but some other bots that also use cameras are suffering from the same issue. Samsung robots are even having a harder time with this than Roombas.

This issue was also present in Roomba 980 that was released in 2015 and later after got discontinued. For example, a test ran on this specific device reached some conclusions. The conductor of the project turned the $900 robot on around 3:30 p.m. and analyzed it as it was cleaning their apartment using its little camera rather than going randomly around the house as other such models do.

Not too much after the test started, as it took place in Boston in winter, the sun began losing its power leaving the person’s apartment dim about 40 minutes later. As they were analyzing the robot, they were too distracted to make some light in the house. Because of that, the Roomba lamented Error 17 and basically refused to continue its work.

The improvements of camera-based vacuums

When they saw this happening they turned on a light, and everything came back to normal only to have the history repeating itself a few days later.

However, iRobot did not let this pass and decided they needed to make some changes. Thanks to that, the Roomba i7+ which is their newest model does not suffer from this issue.

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