Shocking Image Of The Point Nemo Spacecraft Graveyard Revealed By NASA

NASA has unveiled a shocking image of the spacecraft graveyard where all the defunct rockets and satellites of the US space agency, along with Russian spaceships, are laying. There are hundreds of crafts no longer utilizable that can be found in Point Nemo, a crater about 4,000 meters further from land, is the perfect remote place to collapse no longer needed rockets and satellites.

Point Nemo stands for ‘no one’ in Latin, and approximately 260 spacecraft, mainly Russian, have been sent there to rest by NASA and other space agencies since the 1970s. The most massive craft ever sent to this spacecraft graveyard was Russia’s MIR space lab, a 120-ton mass of metal that crashed in the waters of Point Nemo in 2001.

It is believed that International Space Station (ISS) will also be thrown in the watery graveyard in 2024. The region obstructs the increasing accumulate of dangerous orbital space debris able to crushing with future satellites and rocket launches. Astronomer Dr. David Whitehouse said​ that smaller satellites would explode, but fragments of bigger ones will still survive and appear on the Earth’s surface. To avoid colliding in an inhabited region, they are controlled to land close to the point of oceanic inaccessibility.

Point Nemo is the spacecraft graveyard of the world, and NASA shared a shocking image of it

Point Nemo is situated between Australasia and South America at over 1,600 miles (1,000 kilometers) from the land. There are no populated areas near it, and there is not much wildlife either, making it the ideal graveyard for discarded space debris. The isolated area has previously been named a ‘space graveyard’ by European Space Agency (ESA) scientist Stijin Lemmens.

To bring down the vehicles in Point Nemo, engineers have to accurately time the landing of the crafts to crush into the water. Spacecraft blow up as they re-enter the atmosphere, which means they descend as thousands of small fragments in the South Pacific waters. Space junk can scatter across a zone a thousand miles long, as said by Dr. Holger Krag, chief of the ‘ESA’s office.​

Spacecraft graveyard at Point Nemo includes a SpaceX rocket, five European Space Agency cargo crafts, along with the Automated Transfer Vehicle ‘Jules Verne,’ and six Japanese HTV cargo ships. More than 140 Russian space vehicles, Salyut space stations, and the renown MIR space station have also been laid to rest in Point Nemo’s isolated waters.

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