Scientist Observed Radio Signals from Space: Are We Talking About Aliens?

There were some reports about a mysterious repeating radio signal that comes from a far away galaxy, one that’s one and a half billion light years away. We don’t know what these messages are, or if they come from aliens. Fran Day, who’s an astrophysicist at the University of Cambridge, has been looking at this phenomena to try to find out what this signal is.

He told a source that it’s a fast radio burst, radio waves that have been observed in the sky. They were first discovered in 2007, but they don’t really know where they come from.

Are these radio bursts regular?

They’ve discovered about 13 new fast radio bursts, of which one of them is a repeating fast radio burst. By repeating, they mean seeing radio burst several times in the sky. However, the pattern is a bit irregular. They vary from days to months. We can see a few in a day, and then one after one month or so. The thing is that you can see one burst once, and then nothing more in that patch of the sky again.

What did it cause them?

They don’t quite know, but there are many theories. They might be collisions from neutron stars and black holes. They might be energy – a radio burst can have so much energy in a millisecond, as the sun can produce in like 80 years. They might be energetic supernovas – the explosion that takes place at the end of the life of a star. They might be dark matter induced in a neutron star, thing that would lead to a big radio burst. And of course, we cannot forget of the theory with the aliens. There’s no proof of this whatsoever.

They first found about them by using a radio telescope – a new one that went online in March, so it really is a huge deal.


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