Russian robot was just a man in suit

A humanoid robot described as “modern” and “high-tech” on Russian television was actually a costumed person, discovered netizens and journalists.

The robot named Boris participated in a children’s show at the Proyektoria Technology Youth Congress in Yaroslavl, north-east of Moscow.

“Boris the robot has already learned to dance and it is not so bad,” said the presenter of the channel Russia-24 with all the seriousness of the world, describing the show.

Whether he was unconscious or not of his mistake, the presenter went on to add that it was “entirely possible for one of these [students] to devote himself to robotics [in the future], especially since ‘they have the opportunity to see the most modern robots at this congress’.

While the Russia-24 presenter’s statements may seem biased, the Proyektoria Technology Congress never claimed that it was a real robot.

Can’t Fool The Internet

Alert Internet users have also noticed that something was wrong in this presentation, since the movements of the robot seemed too human to be those of a real robot. The absence of external sensors and the size similar to that of a human being also seemed suspicious to them.

The discovery of a photo showing the robot back has confirmed the doubts of these users, since it is possible to see the neck of the actor inside the costume.

The disguise was designed by a company named Show Robots and is sold for around $5,000.

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