Researchers to Find Ancient Galaxies Which Gives Insight About Dark Matter

Astronomers have recently combined the power of multiple astronomical observatories from all around the world. They did it in order to discover treasures that were previously unknown ancient massive galaxies. This is the first discovery of this kind. The abundance of this type of galaxy only shows the current model of the universe. The galaxies are also connected with dark matter and the supermassive black holes.  

The Hubble Space Telescope gave us access to the previously unknown universe, but it’s still a mystery for most people. Astronomers from the Institute of Astronomy at the University of Tokyo wanted to see these objects that they suspected were there, but Hubble could not see them. However, with the newer generations of observatories came their answers, as well.  

“This is the first time that such a large population of massive galaxies was confirmed during the first 2 billion years of the 13.7-billion-year life of the universe.” Tao Wand, researcher, then proceeded to say that they were unknown to them before. The findings of the current models will help them see and better understand what they have been missing up until now.  

But how can this vast galaxy be invisible? 

Apparently, the light from these galaxies is very faint, and the wavelengths are long and invisible to our eyes. They are also undetectable by Hubble. So they used ALMA, which was the best thing to do for these kinds of things. It was a sure thing that it would deliver excellent results.  

Even if these galaxies were the largest of their time, their light was not only weak, it was also stretched because of the enormous distance of them. When the universe expands, light passes through, and it becomes stretched. This means that visible light becomes more prolonged, and it eventually becomes infrared. 


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