New Satellite Will Successfully Bring Internet To Billions

It has been revealed that SpaceX has deployed a new satellite on Thursday for the low Earth orbit and this is for the Spanish government.

The satellite will successfully bring high speed net to millions and even billions of people across the globe.

The satellites go by the name of Microsoft 2a and 2b. This is their official name in the documentation that has to be filed with the Federal Communications Commission. The news was confirmed and these crafts will get data to demonstrate and test the integrity of SpaceX.

First, SpaceX will start to launch a new constellation of 4425 Ka/Ku ban in the low Earth orbit in the next year. The new space system will become operational once there are 800 satellites deployed.

Moreover, the two new test satellites will start to orbit nearly 700 miles above the Earth.

The space company also made an attempt to catch the fairing by using a high-speed boat called Mr. Steven. Moreover, Elon Musk also tweeted,” After the launch of the boat, it missed catching the fairing by 100 some meters”. Moreover, he further added, “The fairing has slowed down quite enough, enough to successfully land safely in the Pacific Ocean”.

Elon Musk came under a lot of attention at the initial stages, however, now, he has come before the eyes of the press, successfully launching 2 satellites that will bring Internet to billions of people.

Elon Musk has yet to see how the remaining of the procedure will play out.


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