NASA Curiosity Rover Sent Impressive Images Of Clouds On Mars

NASA’s Curiosity rover has been hard at work in recent times, but there is always a little time to branch out. The rover identified traces of clay in the lower areas of Mount Sharp, which is located within the Gale Crater. The samples were discovered with the help of the drilling tool, and they may be quite significant in the long run.

In the spare time, the rover has also managed to take some awesome pictures of the clouds which were above it. The images were shot with the help of the Navigation Camera, and they are in black-and-white. Since most of the pictures sent by the rover focus on what can be found on the surfaces, the new images are quite fascinating.

The release of the images was accompanied by a NASA press release which shared some details about the clouds. They are of the noctilucent variety, which means that they can reflect sunlight even after dusk because they are located at an impressive height of almost 31 kilometers (or 19 miles). Most of these clouds should be comprised of water-ice.

NASA Curiosity Rover Sent Impressive Images Of Clouds On Mars

Despite the impressive height, the clouds look remarkably similar to the ones observed on Earth. Besides offering a glimpse of an impressive vista, there is another purpose for watching clouds. The rover is working side-by-side with the InSight lander, which landed at a distance of 600 kilometers (373) away.

The Lander has also shot a few photos of the clouds in April, and NASA plans to use the two sets of images in an attempt to calculate the altitude of the clouds accurately.

In 2017 a similar series of images were used to create a video showcasing the movement of cirrus clouds, which are usually found and heights of 6,000 meters (20,000 feet). As the rover continues its quest to see signs of life on the Red Planet, valuable information could surface in the future.

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