Justin Trudeau Confirmed That Canada Will Team Up With NASA For The Lunar Gateway Project

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced earlier today that Canada, via the Canadian Space Agency (CSA), will team up with NASA for the so-called Lunar Gateway project.

Canada goes to the Moon as CSA teamed up with NASA for the Lunar Gateway project, Justin Trudeau announced today

The Lunar Gateway would be a future permanent space station that would orbit the Moon. Its primary purpose would be to help astronauts explore the Moon better, in the perspective of a future lunar base, and to serve as a “gateway” for future missions to Mars and other potential deep space missions.

For its part, the US space agency, NASA, has already planned the construction of the Lunar Gateway and started looking for international partners to support its building process. The Canadian Space Agency was the primary partner NASA hoped to join the development of the Lunar Gateway, but the Canadian government was late in coming up with a final decision. Fortunately, Justin Trudeau confirmed today that Canada would team up with NASA for the Lunar Gateway project.

Canadians would play a significant role in the upcoming Moon missions, the Canadian astronomer Dr. Robert Thirsk thinks

According to Dr. Robert Thirsk, in a recent interview with Yahoo News Canada, cited by Canadian Homesteading, admitted that “by 2022, international space agencies led by NASA will begin to build a lunar gateway, a mini space station around the Moon. There is a need for robotics on the outside of that mini space station, as well as inside, and Canada has the technical capabilities and experience to contribute that.”

At the time of the interview, the Canadian government was undecided regarding the partnership with NASA. But, Dr. Robert Thirsk, the only Canadian astronaut that spent more than 250 days in space, was very optimistic about the Canadians role in the future Lunar Gateway project. “In the area of medical technology capability, I’m kind of a visionary person, I think that Canada has the ability to play a leadership role here, and some of the noteworthy areas of strength in Canada in health care are in areas of medical diagnostics, artificial intelligence,” Dr. Thirks added.

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