Interstellar Space Object Might Have Reached Our Atmosphere Back In 2014

We might think that our planet is safe from meteors, but the truth might be that we never noticed them. Back in 2017 everyone talk about the ancient comet Oumuamua because it was the first one spotted by us. However, it appears that our planet had another interstellar space object as a visitor in the past as well.

According to the astronomers at Harvard University, there was another alien object back in 2014. It appears that it burnt over the Pacific Ocean and experts believe that it had traveled from another solar system.

Prepared for upcoming interstellar space objects

Oumuamua was the first object that was researched by scientists. After a while, it flew away, but astronomers managed to gather plenty of data. “This one’s gone forever,” declared David Trilling an astronomer at Northern Arizona University when the object left. “We have all the data we’re ever going to have about ‘Oumuamua.” Scientists also added back here that they were taken by surprise, but they will be ready for the next one.

These objects are more common than we could imagine, but scientists weren’t able to detect them until recently. For instance, Oumuamua was close to earth during summer and fall 2017, but scientists from the Panoramic Survey Telescope and Rapid Response System (Pan-STARRS1) observed it in October. The object was quite large, and it measured 400 meters in length.

Mysterious object from another solar system hit Earth back in 2014

The alien space rock from 2014 was just 0,9 meters wide, which would have made it a lot harder to detect. The meteor hit our atmosphere on January 8, 2014, and astronomers believe that the object was moving at 216,000 kph.

Researchers believe that they are ready for the next meteor. According to their estimations, there are between one and three detectable objects that hit our planet every 30 years.

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