Global Warming – The United States Hit By Heatwaves This Month

Most of the United States began suffering from scorching weather due to climate change, and it does not get better as meteorologists warn that over this month the temperatures will be even higher due to heatwaves that hit the US. The major cities that will be severely affected include Washington, New York, and Boston in the East Coast, but the Midwest region is not spared either. About 200 million people will be in danger, as temperatures can exceed 100F (38C).

What do the experts say about global warming across the US?

Experts say that heatwaves are becoming more frequent, a phenomenon that is linked to climate change. Due to critical climate change, the frequency of heatwaves increases, according to experts explaining this phenomenon.

This year June’s temperatures beat the record as, according to new data, the average temperature worldwide was of 61.6F (16.4C). In addition to that, record high temperatures were observed even in the US state of Alaska, part of which lies inside the Arctic Circle.

In which areas the heatwave is the most dangerous?

The heatwaves are hitting an area stretching from the Central Plains of Colorado and Kansas to the Great Lakes in the north-east, in Canada. The area trapped between the Great Lakes in the north-east and the Central Plains of Colorado and Kansas will be the most affected while the East Coast will be hit by rising temperatures all around the region.

If you want to take a better look at the areas that will be affected, the National Weather Service (NWS) published a map. The experts advise people to hydrate by drinking at least two liters of water a day, apply sunscreen, and limit their contact with the outside, so they do not overstimulate themselves because of the rising temperatures due to the heatwaves that hit America. Even the Mayor of New York City has warned the citizens about this and global warming effects on the US this year.

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