First Mars Simulation Base Is Now Open To Visitors in China

Many of us hope to travel to space one day, but very few will have the opportunity. However, those who dream about stepping on Mars can get the same experience right here on Earth. There is a Chinese base in Gansu which acts as a Mars simulation base. The compound is now open to visitors who want to experience how living on the Red Planet would be like.

The base has multiple modules such as a decompression chamber, and a greenhouse and visitors have a chance to feel like an astronaut. The base is known as Mars Base 1 Camp, and it has the size of one-fifth of a football field.

The officials created the Mars base simulation in Gansu and a media company known as Jinchang Star Universe Culture. Gansu is located in northwest China, and officials believe that this base will attract tourists and boost eh local economy. Mars Base 1 Camp already had visitors.

People Can Now Visit The First Mars Simulation Base

“I am very excited to be here. We saw the monolith, a crater, and a cave. It’s better than the Mars that I had imagined,” declared a 13-year-old student.

Things will evolve in the future, and the base will receive a $374 million investment, which is around 2.5 billion yuan. The facility should expand to 67 square km, and developers believe that there will be 2 million visitors a year.

This is not the first similar initiative in China. On the Qinghai-Tibet plateau, there is also the first Mars village which was unveiled back in March. “A nation needs people who look up at the stars,” said Bai Fan, CEO of Jinchang Star Universe Culture & Tourism Investment Co, a co-developer of the base. “We hope the bases will let them feel the spirit of space exploration, and not just experience the technology behind it,” he added.

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