Drones in Canada Facing Regulations

Commercial expansion of Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAV) in Canada has been striking. The Canadian UAV business has gotten so many applications so far.

The expansion is expected to be a nonending one as UAV technology continues to develop in Canada.

Canada regulators have set rules to govern recreational and commercial operations of drones. UAV regulation by Canadian Aviation Regulations has given standard guidelines for UAV operators to acquire a special flight operations certificate (SFOC) depending on the use of the UAV, whether recreational or commercial.

Drones of 35 kilograms or less can be freely used for recreational purposes without a government-issued SFOC but are very much and entirely subjected to safety guidelines. Drones of more than 35 kilograms require a government-issued SFOC to be flown.

Transport Canada has however issued a new registration for UAV, Drones of 25 kilograms or more will continue to follow the regulations by SFOC requirements.

Technologies that mattered at Consumer Electronic Show

• The trend of business technology is changing. Drones are a solid one in technology, but in real business opportunities, voice recognition technology and smart security mattered more are part of the vital technology market share. Voice recognition technology has become very much popular, it has had a major breakthrough back from the 18th century by providing a platform for the popularly known digital assistant. Voice recognition has become more affordable as smart home systems have grown very rapidly in Canada.

• Smart home security: Every new device or gadget connected to the internet exposes you to the risk of cyber attack. Hackers can take information from the Internet of things devices and use it to cause obstructions on sites like Twitter, Spotify, and others. Norton has made an intervention, “Core” to displace Criminal attacks on smart home devices. The intervention, Core through machine learning enshield connected hones from Viruses, malware and hackers by connecting it to the homes Wi-Fi connection.

• Credit karma launched Mobile app – Canadian expansion: Credit karma expanded into Canada since 2016 and has established over1.5million users. Credit karma through predictive and data-driven insights allow users the access to free credit scores and manage their finances, it has been providing more than 13 million credit scores and credit report to users. Credit Karma is set to launch a mobile app in Canada, the mobile app will allow users on iOS devices to have better management of their financial progress. At the moment, the features of the app are credit monitoring and credit reports, access to a marketplace for new credits and mobile notification about user’s credit.

New technology in Canada

• Zootly: About two years ago, Rudy Callegari discovered “Zootly” app which is designed for search optimization for movers. Zootly app locates licensed trucks near you to move your things for you. Zootly is designed to simplify your move.

• Ventilation on Demand: There is a new gold mine in the Northern part of Canada uses this innovative technology. The technology gives airflow where and when it is needed.

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