Creepy Messages Hidden in Thousands of Oculus VR Controllers

Nate Mitchell, the co-founder of Oculus VR, the Facebook-owned virtual reality company, had made a post on Twitter about their virtual-reality controllers. He declared that the company accidentally hid inappropriate messages inside their Touch controllers. All the messages were destined only for prototypes, but in some way, they were included in the regular production of the devices. Most of the messages were added in developer kits for the people who are building software for the product. The problem is that most of them had slipped into consumer devices in large numbers.

However, a Facebook representative declared that even if there weren’t any messages in any of the devices, the controllers would not be returned to the fabric. Mitchell wrote on Twitter that some “easter egg” label for prototypes had accidentally made it to the internal hardware of thousands of Touch controllers.

What Kind of Creepy Messages Are Inside the Oculus VR Controllers?

The messages are printed inside on a flexible internal component of the Touch controllers, and they sound like that: “This Space For Rent,” “The Masons Were Here,” “Big Brother is Watching,” “A few dev kits shipped with,” “Hi iFixit! We See You!” For those who don’t know, iFixit is a tech repair company that is well known for deconstructing new gadgets and posting photos of them online.

Moreover, Johanna Peace, a Facebook representative, declared that even if the Oculus VR consoles are not shipped yet, finally they would go out with those hidden messages. Those messages will be present inside of thousands of controller pairs that will be sent to consumers. Of course, most of these messages will not be seen by consumers, but it’s still an awkward mistake made by Facebook, the company that is assaulted for more than a decade with criticism regarding privacy issues. Peace says that they are transparent with their community and they take responsibility if there is an error.

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